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A New Change for the Car Industry

At NAS, we’re spearheading a new change in the mechanical industry. Our Pop Up style of onsite servicing for corporate and retail clients is proving a hit nationwide, with our clients and customers loving our service quality, professionalism and convenience.

Our national network of NAS mechanics are all highly skilled technicians who are dedicated to the NAS philosophy – Trust, Integrity and Transparency.

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The NAS Philosophy

NAS was born from CEO Clinton O’Neill’s passion for the automotive industry combined with his disdain for the shonky mechanics and dodgy practices that have given the industry a bad name. The NAS philosophy represents the company’s dedication to creating a new direction for the automotive industry in Australia – one of honesty, trust and reliability.

Through realising this vision NAS are able to accomplish a three-fold win for the industry and its clients:

  1. We are bringing the industry back into a place of respectability and pride.
  2. We providing our clients and customers all around Australia with the high quality of service they deserve.
  3. We are giving mechanics the opportunity to run businesses that are successful and enjoyable through adherence to these standards.

And it’s clear that this is what Australia wants and needs. The word is spreading about us, and we’re going from strength to strength as more and more customers are putting their cars safely in the hands of NAS. And the big players love us too, with NAS holding contracts for the management of fleets across Bunnings and Masters stores Australia-wide.

We’re always looking to add more dedicated and quality focused mechanics and franchisees to our national team. Call us on 1300 786 955 to find out more.

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