Pre-Purchase + Post-Purchase Inspections

In partnership with Grays Online, National Auto Service is providing totally impartial Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase inspections for all vehicles offered by Grays Online. 

Whilst we are partnered with Grays to provide you with better service, we are 100% owned and operated independently.

Be certain before you buy, with help from NAS.

What is it?

Our goal is to provide you with an impartial expert assessment of the item before you buy.

This is NOT a roadworthy inspection. Due to Grays’ policy, we are unable to perform a complete roadworthy inspection. 

What's Included:

We’ll perform a complete inspection of the vehicle, including:

  • Overall paint and panel condition
  • Interior condition (seats, seatbelts etc)
  • Electronic Fault Code Scan
  • Electrical Systems Checks (Lights, Wipers, Instrument Cluster, AC etc.)
  • Tyres, brakes and suspension/shock absorbers
  • Engine Fluid Levels (Cooling, Brake, Steering, Oil)
  • Belts, pulleys and hoses quality test
  • Leak inspection
  • Exhaust assessment 

Frequently Asked Questions

The technicians will take as many photos as deemed possible, and comment on any issues that they find on the areas of focus listed below. With this information, the purchaser is able to make a more informed decision on the vehicle at hand.

Areas of Focus

Vehicle Body · Interior of Vehicle · Exterior of Vehicle · Vehicle Electrical Systems · Vehicle Engine Systems · Vehicle Braking Systems · Vehicle Cooling Systems · Vehicle Fuel Systems · Vehicle Exhaust Systems Inspection · Vehicle Steering and Suspension Systems · Vehicle Safety Systems · Vehicle Transmission Systems · Vehicle Final Drive Systems · Vehicle Chassis · Vehicle Under structure · Run Engine Diagnostics (Pull up fault codes) · Note any abnormal vehicle noises if the vehicle can be started

For further information, you can view a sample report at the top of this page.

All reports will be dispatched via email to the listed email address by CoB on the day of the inspection. Please remember to check Junk and Spam mail as sometimes the reports do not divert directly to your primary inbox.

If you have not received your report by 5 p.m., there may be a typo with the email address entered. It is your responsibility to call the office on 1300 786 955 to confirm the email address or provide a different email address to send the report.

If the inspection was unable to be carried out, you will receive a warning prior to this and a refund will be actioned.

Unfortunately, due the Grays recent policy. Vehicles are no longer able to be test-driven by you, the customer or by NAS.

Our mechanics aim to alleviate this by providing you with a detailed inspection report.

No it is not required to be onsite as the inspection is being carried out and we have found it to be most efficient when our operator can completely focus, all findings will be noted on the report sent to you via email as well as a variety of pictures provided within the report

The best method to cancel an inspection is via calling the office on 1300 786 955 and providing the Lot ID and name of the booking. From here we will be able to contact our technician, cancel the inspection, and refund your money.

Once a technician has arrived on site to perform an inspection, it is too late to cancel despite any requests.

NOTE:  Cancellation requests received later than 24 hours before the auction ends are subject to a cancellation fee. 

Unfortunately, it is against our privacy policy to give out the technician’s personal information. If you have any questions, you are able to contact the office and we will give you all relevant information available from our technician.

If there are specific questions that you have in regards to a certain vehicle, we encourage you to list them in the “comments” section before submitting your request so we can get as much information as possible regarding your concerns whilst the inspection is taking place.

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